Window Safety Tips for Kids

Windows pose a real threat to the life and health of children. Children are overly inquisitive and will also love the magical opening and closing of windows. The height of windows and movement as the window opens and closes pose a real threat to children regardless of their age. This is why home safety specialists advise home owners to childproof their windows. Here are some of the tips they have suggested.

window safety

Safety escape

Though windows can be associated with accidents, they should be treated as escape routes in case of a mishap like fire. Practice with children and other members of the family on how to escape through the window if the need arises. This should only be done with children of a certain age.

Window Locks

Keep windows locked whenever children are indoors. Whenever children escape from your sight, they are easily drawn to the window. When the window is locked, the chances of falling into trouble are reduced significantly.

Move furniture away from windows

Beds, seats and tables aid children in climbing. This will bring them closer to windowsills. By moving the furniture away from windows, you will reduce the chances of children climbing and thus the danger of them falling off the window.

Install window guards

Window guards are meant to keep the children from falling. They are easy to install and available from your local store. The best model is one that comes with an emergency release option. This option gives room for escape in case of an emergency.

Use locks on windows

All windows come with an appropriate type of lock. The lock is the most effective way to childproof your windows. Locks are easy to install on any type of window or surface. They do not damage or cause malfunction on the window. Use a lock that is not easy for children to open.

Go beyond the window screens

While window screens are effective at keeping insects and debris out, they are not the most effective when targeting protection of children from falling. As such, the windows must be protected beyond using the screens. Where possible, the screens must be locked.

Engage children on safety

Children of a reasoning age should be made to understand the windows and heights are dangerous. This will make them avoid the windows or take necessary measures to stay away from the windows.

Remove opening cranks

Some locks are easy to open even by kids. It is sometimes difficult to keep children away from the windows. Even when they get to the windowsills, they will not manage to open it if the sills are not in place.

Children should not be left unattended

Keep your children within sight whenever they are in the house. Leaving them unattended exposes them to wondering, climbing and ending up on windows. Having an attendant on your kids at all times will protect them from many other elements that might harm them like fire, electricity and moving objects.

Protect the outside

This is easy to actualize if you are living on the ground or first floor. The idea is to reduce impact in case the child falls off the window. Some of the measures you could take include planting soft shrubs and grass below the window.

The safety measures taken will depend on the age of the child and the type of window. For instance, double hang windows should be opened from the top instead of the bottom to enhance the safety of children. This does not apply to all types of windows. The ultimate protection for children around windows is to keep watch.