Vinyl Replacement Windows: A Buyer’s Guide

Windows are either designed for initial installation or replacement. A window for initial installation comes with a nailing fin that allows the contractor to secure it on the rough section of the wall. When the window is meant for replacement, it does not come with the fin. The technician uses fasteners to attach it to the existing frame. When it is time to update your windows, you use the replacement windows.

vinyl windows

Why choose vinyl replacement windows

The obvious choice for replacement windows is vinyl. There are many reasons you should choose vinyl over wood and aluminum counterparts.

Windows can either be fixed or operable. Operable windows can open while the fixed type windows cannot open. Investing in a new window transforms the appearance of your property. It is also a way of raising its value especially when it is about to be placed on the market for sale. Vinyl windows are made of synthetic materials and built to last.

  • Durable- vinyl is built to last. The only way the windows can be damaged is through breaking. They will survive harsh environment including heat and exposure to water. You will therefore take several years before requiring replacement your windows again.
  • Reduced energy cost- vinyl windows are effective in maintaining constant internal environment. The vinyl will keep heat out during hot summer and heat in during cold winter. This eliminates the need to constantly heat or cool indoors. This will translate in reduction of energy expenditure.
  • Low cost maintenance- vinyl windows require little maintenance attention. They do not require painting or furnishing like wood and steel. The color of the material at manufacture is remains throughout the life of the window. You only need to wipe using a damp cloth to get rid of dust and any particles that may have fallen on the surface. It takes years before they show signs of aging.
  • Affordable- because of the use of synthetic material, vinyl windows are inexpensive. This is over and above the fact that you can get the windows in a variety of designs. Low pricing is not an indication of poor quality. With the reduced price, the windows still maintain their freedom from corrosion and rust as well as durability.
  • Variety- vinyl windows come in multiple colors, sizes and style options. They also present the best material for customizing. You will get all color ranges that may even allow you to imitate such materials as wood.

Vinyl windows add great value to your property. Since the windows cannot be painted upon installation, ensure that you buy the color you want from the onset. In case you need to change the color midway, you will have to replace the current one.

Disadvantages of vinyl windows

The use of vinyl windows comes with a number of disadvantages. They might not affect the functionality of your house but are worth noting. The windows are easily discolored by extreme heat. It may also cause the surface to chip. When this happens, you only have the option of replacing. The cost of customizing the windows is also very high. The nature of material makes it impossible to use ordinary tools and methods to customize. As such, it can only be done at the factory. This will escalate the overall cost. Vinyl windows might not add significant value to your property compared to the other window varieties.

Maintenance of vinyl windows

The vulnerability of vinyl windows demands that you clean them gently. The surface easily scratches and can crack. During cleaning, it is advisable that you remove any ring, watch or bangle that may scratch the surface. Alcohol and ammonia based cleaning substances will damage the window. Use a microfiber towel or cloth for cleaning the surface to avoid scratches. Never use a high pressure nozzle for cleaning. The surface should be dried completely before you leave the area.