Types of Patio Doors

Patio doors allow entry and view of your outdoors. Even as you enjoy the outdoor view, you will be protected from harsh elements like draft or debris blowing with the wind. They also ensure that you receive adequate light at the lounging area which creates an impression of space.

patio door

Patio doors can be installed at home or commercial spaces. They may be at the front or the back of your premises. The size will depend on the space available and orientation of the area. With a reinforced glass, the patio door may be used for security purposes.

Main types of patio doors

There are two main types of patio doors defined by their manner of opening. You make a choice based on the amount of space you have available and how well a particular type will serve the intended purpose. The manner of operation will affect the convenience of entry and exit.

Sliding Doors

This is one of the most popular types of patio doors. It makes it easy to access outdoors because it does not swing open. The traditional door would swing shut, blocking some people especially when it is a gathering. With the sliding door, it relies on rails to get out of the way. The rails make it easier to hold it in position and prevent it from blocking the entry point.

The modern sliding door is made of glass and has a sleek appearance. This alignment makes it difficult to get stuck once you open. The view or entry will therefore not be obstructed. It may come with a lock or a ratchet to hold it once it closes. Because of the sliding element, it is difficult to open a large space unless the door is automated. A wide length affects its efficiency.

French Doors

French doors are preferred because of their natural appeal. They evoke a classic feel that is also gentle and courtier. French doors can extend over the entire length of your patio or entry. They open like ordinary doors and can fold to reduce the area occupied.

Preference for French doors is driven by the glass spaces that allow light to sip into the house. French doors also leave you at liberty to open just a section of the door or the entire length. This is unlike the sliding door whose movement is limited. One disadvantage of using French doors on your patio is the demand for space. This space must be provided for the door to function. You might need to move furniture for the door to fully function.

Which is the best patio door for you?

The decision on the patio door to use is personal. Each type of door has unique advantages as stated above. It is upon the home owner to weight the options and make a decision. Here are considerations to make when choosing a patio door. They enable you to make a decision that favors your situation.

  • Size of entry– choose a door that fits the size of your entry. Though doors are made of standard height, the length you wish to open could differ. Get a customized length.
  • Material- patio doors are made of different materials including fiberglass, aluminum, clad, vinyl and wood. Each comes with unique properties that affect aesthetics, functionality, energy efficiency and durability, among other important elements. The material will also affect its price.
  • Manufacturer- the quality of door will depend on the reputation of the manufacturer. Get a recommendation from a professional installer. You may also read reviews online to establish the best brands.

Installation of patio doors should be made by professionals. They will ensure that your door fits well and does not hinder other activities around the door. While focusing on the budget is important, a quality door will give you greater long term value.