All About the Parts of a Window

A window is an opening or a compartment in a wall to permit the light, sound and air enter our homes and respective offices or any other place. They are a sort of covering from the outside world which is removed when needed and vice versa.

parts of a window

Windows come in many types, some of them include: eyebrow window, single hung and double hung windows, fixed windows and many more. A window comes with many parts or one should say it possess a certain anatomy. Let’s have a look at it.

Anatomy of a Window

Windows happen to be of many types and each type comes with their own detailed anatomy. Following are its basic components:


Frames are parts of the window which holds the window in its place. It gives you an idea of the window also the layout as to what you want and how you want. It is considered as a support for a window.


Another terminology which forms the vertical support of a window in framework. You can say that it’s a part of the frame, the vertical part which gives you the length and support you need for your window.


This is the main horizontal part which completes the frame of a window. It is attached to stiles with the help of jambs.


Sash is that part of the window which holds the glass in place. It is moveable and is made up of vertical and horizontal frame.


Muntins is the grid formation on the window. It is applied on both sides of the window or in some cases only on one side depending upon the glass and decoration you want. Muntins also hold the glass firmly into space and provide the ultimate protection from the glass getting ruined. These come in various forms and differ for different types of frames and glass.


Glass refers to the tiny sheet of glass in the window which is usually thick or thin depending upon the type you’re interested in.


Glazing is another term used for glass having a place in a specific window. The glass is required to stick in the window with the help of putty which we usually refer to as Glazing Compound.


Rails are the horizontal pieces which connect or conjoin the stiles of a window together. It comprises of two parts: Lower Rail and Upper Rail.


The lower horizontal board attached to a window is referred to as apron. It keeps the entire window in place and provides the ultimate support for it.


This is the part which is usually located inside the house and is projected like a shelf on the bottom of a window.


The molding or framing around a window which covers the space between a window and the wall. They can be located on the interior as well as exterior of the window.


The lock or access of the window through which you can open it or close it.