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Basics of Window Replacement

Windows, walls, doors etc. are the most noticeable things in a house… and when either of one starts deteriorating, we hit the panic mode because with either of the one thing, your entire house changes. Your rooms look ugly and dirty. And no matter how hard you try to cover it, it always sticks out in the form of smell, rot or simple creaking noises.

replacement windows

To make matters worse, the specific problem doesn’t stop there but continues to grow till it completely consumes your stuff and ruins it complete. Windows are something that add to the beauty of your house or your room.

Carelessness in their situation is definitely not good because it ruins the entire look plus it will no longer protect your carpet or paintings from rain and excessive light or wind etc. following are some of the reasons as to why windows should be replaced:

  • When the frames are broken
  • When it is attacked by termites
  • When rain ruins its texture and color
  • When water starts leaking in
  • When it no longer shelters you from light as it did before

Suitable Time for Replacing Windows

There is no such restriction for windows to get replaced at a certain time or weather. You can always replace them in summers or winters or even spring and autumn. Whenever you feel your window is finally breathing its last, you can go to the nearest carpenter and have him fix it.

The clear signs should be those of leaking rain, poor glass, poor heat, deteriorating wood, breaking of frames etc.

Sometimes, without any of the above reasons, you still want to replace your windows because maybe they block too much heat or the glass might be too thick or you’d want a different frame etc. whichever purpose you have, remember you don’t have to wait for a particular season to pass to install them.

Types of Replacement Windows

window types

Chicago replacement windows come in two types:

  • The first type would in which all you have to is simply replace the glass or the frame and change the layout or design. This doesn’t cost much and doesn’t take too much of your time. It is simply adding extra features to your current window by replacing the old ones. For this many try to do it themselves in their houses, now if you’re a bit familiar with construction then it could work but if you’re a newbie then its best to let the carpenter do his job.
  • The second type comes in the form where you have to remove the entire window and install a new one in its place. Meaning you have to construct a new frame, sash, sill etc. These are the type which costs a lot but if you need them then its best to install them as soon as possible.


Replacement windows can cost more or less depending upon the type of window you’re supporting and the amount of damages it has. However, it is quite understood that if you talk to a proper company, they will obviously charge you a lot while a local carpenter would do it in much less cost. It’s better to look at your options and evaluate your damage then you can make your decision.